10 Health Benefits Swimming Pools Bring

What are the 10 benefits of swimming

Having a swimming pool built at your property in Prairieville, LA, by experienced inground pool builders is one of the most exciting home improvement projects that is. Not only does a pool beautify your property, provide endless opportunity for fun, relaxation, and exercise, it can also be extremely beneficial for your and your loved ones’ health

In this article, we’ll expand on this topic by taking a look at the 10 biggest health benefits of owning a swimming pool. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the 10 benefits of swimming?

Swimming is beneficial both for your mind and your body. Here are 10 of its greatest advantages:

1. It works your whole body 

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Swimming helps you activate your whole body. It increases your heart rate without stressing your body, tones muscles, and builds strength and endurance. Each variety of strokes focuses on the different muscle groups and since water provides the resistance you use most of your muscles. 

2. It burns calories

One of the 101s of swimming pool aerobics is that swimming helps you lose weight as it burns calories quickly. If you swim laps at a low or moderate pace, you can burn around 400 calories an hour, and up to 715 calories at a more vigorous pace.

3. It works your insides too  

Swimming isn’t just good for toning muscles and improving your cardiovascular system. It makes the heart and lungs strong as it enhances lung volume and air-breathing techniques.  

4. It’s good for people with asthma  

Swimming is especially good for people with asthma because pools are humid, warm, and have a low-pollen environment. One of the top swimming pool exercises and related breathing exercises can help expand lung capacity and gain control over breathing.

5. It boosts brain power  

Exercise in general has been associated with improving condition, whereas a 20-minute moderate-intensity swim helps process visual information and respond faster on cognitive tests.  A recent study has shown that swimming improves short and long-term memories.

6. It’s beneficial for people with MS  

Swimming has a good impact on people with multiple sclerosis as water makes the limbs buoyant and helps support them during exercise. Swimming programs can also result in a significant reduction of pain for people with MS. It’s advisable to consider ways to modernize a swimming pool to make it more suitable for people with MS.

7. It improves sleep

People suffering from insomnia have reported a boost in quality of life and sleep after doing aqua aerobic exercises. Swimming helps reset your body’s internal clock and restore your natural circadian rhythm.

8. It boosts your mood and helps manage stress 

Aquatic workouts have proven to be beneficial for people with dementia who felt improvement in mood. People who felt mildly depressed due to their fast-paced life reported feeling less stressed after swimming.

9. It’s good for bones  

According to statistics around 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone mass. Studies have shown that three to six hours of swimming per week can improve bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.

10. It’s great for pregnant women 

Swimming is a great physical activity during pregnancy as it can be performed in all three trimesters. It also lowers the risk of preterm labor and congenital defects.

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