Custom Pools

The perfection for people looking to transform their backyard into a vacation paradise.

Heated Pool Installation

Custom pools are probably the best option for homeowners who want something more exciting than standard and traditional pools. But what do you need to get a custom pool built? What are the considerations you need to make to get the best pool design at the best price? Read on to learn more.

What Type of Custom Pools Do Homeowners Get?

Pools can be made with various types of materials but the most common ones include concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. The ease of customization and construction of a pool also depends on the material. For instance, concrete pools are the easiest to customize, however, they generally take longer to build than other types of pools. This type of pool may take several weeks to build.

Vinyl-lined pools may take longer than fiberglass pools but they are also easier to customize than the latter. Fiberglass pools are modern types of pools. They are usually factory-made in various sizes and may be difficult to customize.

We can help you find a suitable size custom pool for your backyard by scheduling a free quote with Relief Pool Builders.

Pay Attention to the Pool’s Location

Pools are generally situated in the backyard, however, you need to ensure that the space is suitable for it. For instance, it is a bad idea to situate your pool underneath a tree. Pools should be sited in a location that captures the sun. It is also important to avoid windy locations that may evaporate the water.

Before building a pool, it is advisable to consult experienced pool builders to inspect your space and make sure that it is suitable for a pool. Our experienced pool builders can also guide you through the entire process of building a custom pool, even if you want to go with another company.

Consider the Cost

Several factors may influence the cost of constructing a custom pools but the most important is the type of pool you want. While concrete pools generally cost higher than vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools, a fiberglass pool with topnotch features may even cost higher than concrete pools.

If you are concerned about the cost of building high-end a custom pools, you can consult one of our expert pool builders to discuss the cost You can also request a breakdown of the cost to get a better picture of what it entails.

Pay Attention to the Circulation System

No pool is complete without a proper circulation system. A good circulation system guarantees that the water is properly filtered and sanitized. This ensures that the pool is suitable for human use at all times. An experienced pool builder can help you to build custom pools with a robust circulation system.