Custom Spas

Get a custom spa built in your backyard to experience the ultimate relaxation experience.

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Spas and hot tubs are often thought to mean the same thing but they are different. Baton Rouge spas (or in-ground spas) are much like in-ground pools. They can be built into a home but usually attached to an in-ground pool. Hot tubs are simply portable spas, usually built above the ground in a self-contained container.

If you want the perfect spa for your backyard getaway, you need an experienced spa builder to properly install them.

Choose Experienced Baton Rouge Spas Contractors

Unless you want to deal with a huge headache, you need to choose an experienced custom spa contractor in Baton Rouge for the project. By working with a reliable contractor, you can build a top-notch custom spa that suits your space

How do you choose the right contractor?

Relief Pool Builders has ton of reviews and a portfolio of work for you to take a look at.