Top 5 Swimming Pool Trends in 2023

Although constructing a swimming pool is exciting, it takes a lot of work, at least if you want it to be cost-effective and meet all your needs. That’s why you should learn which swimming pool designs are in vogue in 2023.  

Since this is a complex undertaking, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners in Prairieville, LA turn to eminent custom swimming pool builders for help. If you are interested in the top swimming pool trends in 2023, keep reading!

How do I modernize my pool?

Regardless of whether you are a proud owner of a pool or you’re considering installing one, these are the top ways to revamp your amenity:

Replace the tile, change the coping, and replaster the interior

How do I modernize my pool

Ceramic tiles are some of the most visible parts of the swimming pool, even when you’re not in it, which is why replacing it will freshen up your pool instantly. Since the coping sits between the pool structure and its deck and has the function of a frame, you should reconstruct it not just to make it prettier, but also for safety reasons. The same goes for plaster.

If you want to avoid getting injured while you do one of the top swimming pool exercises, that is back wall glide, you should replace a loose, cracked, and crumbling border with new material. Since years of wear and tear can result in material deterioration, like chips, mottling, and color changes, you should consider replacing plaster according to replastering and resurfacing requirements.

Obtain swim jets

If you want to make the most of a small space, you should install swim jets. This will make it easy to get your laps in, even if you don’t have the room for full-sized lanes, and enable you to get exercise. This is an effective way to improve your cardio, which is one of the health benefits swimming pools bring. If you don’t feel like doing laps, turn the jets off and just enjoy your pool. 

Add water features   

Adding water features can create a new focal point in a poor pool design. Artificial and natural waterfalls, deck-based laminar jets that arc into the pool surface, and water-spouting sculptures are always good choices. You should also consider installing a slide or diving board to maximize fun and fitness. Of course, before you do this, you need to check if your pool is deep enough.

Reduce depth

You can make your pool more usable if you reduce the deep end. Shallower pools provide more space for people to stand, play, and enjoy water activities. This makes them perfect for working out the 101 of swimming pool aerobics. Another advantage is that lower water capacity will save you money for heating, circulation, and sanitation.

Increase pump efficiency

Obtain a new, energy-optimizing, multi-speed pump that operates functions like cleaning, circulating, and heating, as well as water features using the minimum energy needed for the task. This will significantly cut utility use and energy bills and make your pool meet newer energy standards. 

Where in Prairieville, LA can I find reputable custom swimming pool builders?

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