Common Questions About Water Aerobics

Why do I feel so tired after water aerobics

Water aerobics is all the rage these days. Advocates of this exercise method claim it boosts your overall well-being without putting too much stress on your joints. So, it’s no surprise pool builders have been busy in Baton Rouge, installing pools that are well-suited to this type of exercise 

Still, you may have many qualms about aerobics that make you hesitant to construct a pool of your own and start exercising. We’ll dispel those concerns right here by answering the most common questions about aqua aerobics. Keep reading to learn more!

Is water aerobics good for bad knees?

Yes. Water aerobics is good for bad knees since it puts minimal pressure on all your joints, including the knees. This allows you to get a much-needed workout without damaging this sensitive part of the body any further.

The low-impact nature of aerobics on your knees isn’t the only benefit of this type of exercise. Here are a few more: 

Muscle toning

Another great thing about aerobics is that it helps tone your muscles, including those in your upper and lower body. You can strengthen your arms and tone your legs after a few effective workouts and by doing specific exercises, such as squats and lunges. Just make sure the water isn’t deep enough for you to train comfortably.

Mental health support

Aerobics is also amazing because it can provide several psychological benefits. By working out in your swimming pool regularly, you can boost your mental health on many levels: 

  • Lowering stress: Water aerobics requires you to focus on specific movement patterns and forget about everything else while you work out, like any stress from your everyday life. 
  • Reducing anxiety: Any type of aquatic activity is beneficial for anxious people, including water aerobics.
  • Lifting your spirits: Going through a water aerobics session gives you a major sense of accomplishment, which can instantly boost your mood after a hard day. 

No need to be a swimmer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a swimmer to do water aerobics. Yes, you can perform various exercises in deep water for faster results, but getting an effective workout is also possible if you’re only waist-deep. 

How long should water aerobics be?

How long your water aerobics should be depends on your goals, but you should aim for at least 30-60 minutes, during which time you can lose over 300-600 calories. Of course, you can burn that many calories even faster with more intense training.

Why do I feel so tired after water aerobics?

If you feel tired after water aerobics, it probably means you had an effective workout. Some fatigue is typically no cause for concern since aerobics involves low-impact drills, keeping your muscles, joints, and bones unharmed.

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Where can I hire the finest pool builders in Baton Rouge?

You’re eager to embark on your aerobics adventures, but where exactly should you work out? Do you go to a public pool near North Sherwood Forest Community Park and share the slot with tens of other swimmers? 

There’s no need to do so and limit your privacy since you can have a stunning pool of your own installed according to the highest standards. Simply contact Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge to make it happen. 

We’ll design and construct the pool of your dreams fitted with many modern features to keep you comfortable during your sessions. From customizable seats and waterfalls to jets and high-quality tiles, we offer a whole host of nifty additions that will keep you coming back for more aerobics. Schedule your installation today!