Water Aerobics: What You Need to Know

Does water aerobics tone legs

Many homeowners who hire reliable pool builders to construct a pool in Baton Rouge do so in order to be able to engage in water-based exercise whenever they want. While swimming continues to be the most popular type of water-based exercise, aqua aerobics are quickly gaining traction due to their accessibility and low-impact nature. 

But what exactly are water aerobics, and are they actually effective? What kind of a pool do you need for aqua aerobics? Can you use it to tone your legs? We’re glad you asked, because we’ll be answering these questions in the article below. Read on!

Does water aerobics really work?

And how! The best thing about this form of workout is its low-impact nature, meaning it enables you to exercise without putting excessive stress on your joints. This means you can do water aerobics almost regularly without worrying about the aches associated with other types of training. 

Here are some of the reasons water aerobics is good for you:

  • Helps reduce pain: Water aerobics is a safe way to strengthen and condition your muscles, which is crucial for lowering pain. For instance, if you have bad knees, just a few sessions per week will help you alleviate pain without causing further damage. 
  • Supports mental health: Surprising as it may sound, water aerobics is also good for your mental health. If you use your swimming pool regularly, you can experience a range of psychological benefits, such as lower stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Protects your heart: Swimming pool aerobics are also great for protecting your heart. This form of training does so by helping lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol.

Is shallow or deep water aerobics better?

It depends on your goals. On the one hand, deep water aerobics is better if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. Many studies show that exercising at chest depth yields better results, as it enables you to do your exercises using a full range of motion, which is key to making progress.

If chest-deep aerobics are too intense, feel free to exercise in shallower water. From there, you can gradually work your way to more challenging depths. Just be sure not to go too deep (to the point where you need to tiptoe during training) because this can cause muscle soreness and imbalance. Keep your heels on the bottom of the pool, so you can transition between moves while remaining in full control of your routine.

Does water aerobics tone legs?

Absolutely. Water aerobics tones your legs virtually the same way as traditional workouts. On top of that, this workout method is safer because you don’t have to run on concrete or other unforgiving surfaces, preventing unnecessary stress on your lower body.

So no, taking a brisk walk to the Louisiana State Capitol and other local landmarks isn’t the only way to strengthen your legs. You can get the same results, if not better, with water aerobics. It’s fun, relaxing, easier on your knees, and almost 100% safe.

Does water aerobics really work

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