Indoor vs Outdoor Pools: All You Need to Know

Which is better indoor or outdoor swimming pool

You’ve finally decided to hire inground swimming pool contractors in Brusly, LA, to build you a swimming pool, but you’re not sure what type of pool you should invest into. And no, we’re not talking about which color or shape is best for your pool. A much more important decision is whether to construct an indoor or outdoor pool.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key differences between these two types of swimming pools that every property owner should consider before investing in pool construction. Keep reading to learn more.

Which is better: indoor or outdoor swimming pool?

Neither is inherently better. Both indoor and outdoor pools have their benefits and drawbacks that may make them the right fit for you. To figure out which works best in your case, consider the following 5 factors: 

1. Size 

Although indoor and outdoor pools can come in similar sizes, indoor pools are generally smaller than their outdoor counterparts. The reason is simple; the available square footage is limited by the space in which the installation is taking place. 

If you don’t want to worry about space restrictions, an outdoor pool may make more sense. The open area allows you to install pretty much any pool that comes to mind, along with intricate shapes and edges. Also, there are no walls that confine the pool to a tiny spot, enabling you to customize the project more easily.

2. Privacy

Privacy-wise, indoor pools are better than outdoor pools. Contained in your house, they’re out of sight for prying eyes, meaning passers-by won’t be able to check out your swimming area. The same can’t be said for outdoor pools. The only way to make them more private is to build a high fence around your backyard, which can be expensive.

3. Maintenance 

Another detail to keep in mind is maintenance. Once the construction is over, you’ll need to use different methods to keep the pool in great shape. These include monitoring water chemistry with cutting-edge apps, cleaning the water with telescopic poles and skimmer nets, and shocking the pool with appropriate chemicals.

4. Features 

It’s hard to say which alternative is better in terms of available features since each type is compatible with certain upgrades.

On the one hand, you can embellish an indoor pool with the following features:

  • Lighting
  • Spa jets
  • Lagoon pools
  • Heating

On the other hand, outdoor pools are more spacious, freeing up room for some other enhancements: 

  • Moving floors
  • Large staircases
  • Diving boards

5. Price 

When installing an indoor or outdoor pool, the size, features, maintenance, and privacy should be your main priorities. But once you decide on all these, you need to make sure the pool fits your budget.

In general, the larger the pool and the more features it has, the higher the cost. Admittedly, indoor pools tend to be slightly more expensive due to additional considerations associated with their construction: 

  • Ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Potential modifications to the foundation of the house
  • Glass enclosures and walls

Who are the #1 inground swimming pool contractors in Brusly, LA?

Who are the #1 inground swimming pool contractors in Brusly

After deciding which type of pool is more suitable for your Brusly property, all that’s left is to hire professional pool designers and contractors. Enter Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge. Whether you live near the historic Cinclare Plantation or other local landmarks, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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