5 Key Swimming Pool Tools You Should Have

What tools do I need to maintain a pool

Like every other component of a residential or commercial property, swimming pools inevitably suffer from normal wear and tear. As a result, even a pool that was built and designed by top-rated custom swimming pool designers in Brusly, LA, will need regular maintenance in order to stay in good shape and, more importantly, germ-free. 

While annual maintenance performed by a reputable swimming pool company will go a long way toward achieving this, you’ll likely still need to do some maintenance on your own as well, and doing so is much easier when you have the right equipment

In the following article, we’ll help you get started by listing 5 swimming pool maintenance tools that most pool owners should have. Read on to learn more.

What tools do I need to maintain a pool?

There are many ways to improve your pool and ensure proper operation, such as mounting nanocrystals and UV-based devices. But let’s leave advanced methods aside. In most cases, tasks such as shocking your pool from time to time are what really keeps a pool in good condition. Use the following 5 tools to perform them correctly:

1. Telescopic pole 

There’s no way to clean a pool without an extended pole. The professional term for this object is a telescopic pole. Depending on the area you’re scouring, they can expand and shrink, allowing you to scour the entire surface, including hard-to-reach sports. When buying a telescopic pole, be sure it extends at least to the middle of your pool. It should also be made from aluminum or other robust materials.

2. Skimmer net

It’s hard to imagine a pool maintenance routine without a skimmer net. Attached to a telescopic pole, it enables you to remove debris from the water, such as insects and leaves. The best thing about skimmer nets is that they’re easy to use. Simply reach for the unwanted object in your pool and drag it toward the edge of the pool. 

This way, you’ll prevent the items from sinking to the bottom and rotting there. Also, keep in mind that skimmer nets shouldn’t have large holes. The holes should be tiny, so they can trap the smallest debris, even pollen.

3. Vacuum 

Even if you regularly use your telescopic pole and skimmer net, it’s impossible to prevent all objects from contaminating the bottom. That’s where pool vacuums come into play. After draining the pool, they let you take care of any dirt stuck to all those hard-to-reach surfaces.

4. Brush 

Vacuums are powerful, but not powerful enough to scrub pool walls, steps, and the floor. They pick up large debris, leaving smaller contaminants behind. The only way to get rid of them is to use a brush. It helps prevent microorganisms, such as algae, from lingering in the pool. Stainless steel models are especially effective.

5. pH testers 

Speaking of algae, another way to keep them at bay is to maintain proper pool chemistry. To check whether or not your pool is balanced, be sure to use a pH tester. It’ll tell you whether you should add or limit the presence of certain chemicals.

Where can I find trusted custom swimming pool designers in Brusly, LA?

Where can I find trusted custom swimming pool designers in Brusly LA

Maintenance is key to making the most of your pool. It purifies the water and keeps it healthy, whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool in Brusly. But what if you’re not seeing any improvements in water quality? If so, the filtration system and other mechanisms might be beyond repair. The only solution is to install a custom new pool, and Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge are the right team for the job.

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