Warning: What NOT To Do at Your Swimming Pool

What pool behaviors are unsafe

Whether you’ve hired reliable swimming pool contractors to build a pool at your property in Port Allen, LA, or already have one, it’s important to use your pool safely. Taking a reckless dip can be dangerous and cause the pool to malfunction, requiring you to pay for expensive repairs.

If you want to learn how to prevent this scenario, you’ve come to the right place. Coming up is a list of risky pool behaviors you should avoid to maximize safety and ensure your pool serves you great for many years. Read on to learn more!

What pool behaviors are unsafe?

Here are the main practices to avoid when using your swimming pool:

Running & jumping on others

Running near the edge of your swimming pool is an accident waiting to happen. The surface is slippery, and unless you’re careful, you could sustain a severe injury. Walk instead of running to stay on the safe side. Jumping on one another (AKA roughhousing) is also risky because it could land on their head or their arm/leg in an awkward position. An injury is almost inevitable in this case.

Playing with covers & drains

The suction of some pools can be so powerful that it can trap small children if they play around with drains. To avoid this, make sure your drains are in good condition and reduce the suction if necessary. You can also install child-proof covers for extra safety.

Swimming alone

If you’re not a good swimmer, you should never use your pool alone since this increases the risk of drowning. Children, especially, should never be left in the pool unsupervised.

Leaving toys in the water

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t leave pool toys in the water. Be it an inflatable ball or a sports game, a toy left lingering in the pool may tempt your kids to reach for it from the edge of the pool and fall. Not only that, but these items are made of materials that decompose in the sun.

That’s why leaving toys behind is one of the things you shouldn’t do in the water. Instead, you need to store them properly to prevent risky situations:

  • Collect toys after each session.
  • Hang floats on hooks or wall-mounted racks.
  • Deflate toys when not in use.

Not using sunscreen

Sunlight feels less intense when you’re in the water, but the effects can be just as severe when you’re out of the pool if you don’t wear sunscreen. To prevent burns, always put sunscreen 15-30 minutes before jumping in.

When should you not get in a pool?

In some cases, you’re better off not getting in a pool altogether. Here are a few of those instances:

  • You’re nauseated or vomiting.
  • You have sunburns.
  • You’re coughing, sneezing, or showing other symptoms of the flu or cold.
When should you not get in a pool

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Another item you can add to the above list of risky behaviors is not maintaining your Port Allen pool. If the water gets contaminated, it might take you forever to restore it to its former condition, which may make you miss your monthly visit to the Capitol Park Museum. Why go through all the hassle when you can get a brand-new pool with fresh, clean water? A phone call to Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge is all it takes to make it happen.

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