The Major DON’TS of Swimming Pools

What not to do before getting in a pool

One of the best ways to enhance your home in Port Allen, LA, is to hire qualified swimming pool contractors to install a stunning inground pool. Once they work their magic, your pool will look amazing, but you need to keep it that way. How do you do so?

The key lies in avoiding the biggest pool maintenance mistakes, and we’ll list the top 3 mistakes people make right here. Read on to find out how to prevent costly damage to your chlorine pool and what not to do before taking a dip.

What can ruin a chlorine pool?

Just like you can damage your dinosaur floats and other pool toys by not keeping them in a dry place away from sunlight, you can ruin your chlorine pool if you make the following 3 mistakes: 

Mistake #1: Not testing the pool’s acidity level

Ignoring your water’s acidity levels is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pool owner. It can damage your equipment, including pumps, liners, heaters, and filters. On top of that, acidic water can cause skin redness or irritation.

That’s why it’s important to monitor the pool’s pH levels, which shows the ratio of base to acid, once every week. The optimal level is between 7.2 and 7.8. If you measure anything below 7.8 immediately add baking soda or soda ash to the water. These are alkaline materials that will help balance the pH value, but make sure you add the right amount (1.5 pounds of soda per 10K gallons of water).

Mistake #2: Shocking the pool during the daytime

You won’t ruin your chlorine pool by shocking it once during the daytime, but if you keep doing this, the chemicals won’t be able to neutralize harmful substances, allowing them to spread. Instead, do it during the night when the sun can’t weaken the effect.

Mistake #3: Not cleaning your pool

Cleaning your pool is essential because it prevents dirt from building up in the equipment and jamming it. One of the tools you should focus on is the filter. If it’s blocked by debris, it’ll no longer be able to purify the water, leading to a cloudy or green pool. To avoid this, scour your filter at least once a week according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additionally, give your pool an annual draining and vacuuming to remove stubborn buildup. Besides the floor and walls, be sure to vacuum and brush the steps, stairs, corners, waterline, and the area behind the ladders to prevent algae from contaminating the equipment.

What not to do before getting in a pool?

Minding your step and putting on sunscreen are two of the ways to avoid the most common hazards associated with pools. Here are a few more tips to help you enjoy your pool safely:

  • Don’t enter the pool without taking a quick shower to prevent sweat and other substances from contaminating the water.
  • Don’t enter the pool in your shoes.
  • Don’t wear clothes in the pool.
What can ruin a chlorine pool

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