The 101s of Swimming Pool Toys

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When installing a pool in Port Allen, LA, one of the tips you may hear from your swimming pool builder is this: feel free to add toys to ramp up the fun but be sure they’re made of good materials. More importantly, the contractor may emphasize the significance of storing your floats correctly since this can eliminate the need to replace them after just a few play sessions. 

So, how do you store your swimming pool toys and floats properly? Is it okay to leave your pool toys in the water? We’ll be answering these questions in the following article. Read on to learn more!

How do you organize pool floats and toys?

It goes without saying that safety should be your main concern when it comes to your swimming pool. You should prepare for each swim or play session properly by wearing appropriate gear and keeping your pool in great shape.

But the fun factor is also essential, and if you want to maximize it, you should organize your pool floats and toys in a way that increases their lifespan. Here are a few ideas:

Repurpose a hamper

You don’t have to break the bank to keep your pool toys neat, especially if you repurpose items you already have in your household. For instance, a hamper can easily double as a float storage. It’s perfect for pool noodles and other items. Most hampers also have holes to provide ventilation and help the toys dry faster.

Mount hooks

A few strategically placed hooks can make it really easy for you to store your pool toys. Mount them to the side of your fence or the wall of your shed to free up space in the garage or your basement. A great thing about this storage solution is that it’s flexible. You can use it for pretty much any pool toy, including floats, inflatable balls, and basketball games.

Use wall-mounted racks

If you have a paddleboard, you probably store it on wall-mounted racks. Guess what, these can serve as a reliable pool toy storage. You can use them to keep your floats inflated all summer long or fold them to stop them from falling.

Transform a pallet into a pool float storage

If you wish to turn pool toy organization into a fun DIY project, this is an excellent choice. All you need to do is paint a palette blue, yellow, green, or other summer color and secure it to a stable surface (e.g., a fence or shed).

From there, slip flat floats and noodles through individual planks to make them easily accessible. Also, don’t forget to drill hooks to hang life vests and goggles to keep these crucial items within reach.

Should you leave pool toys in the pool?

You might think there’s no harm in leaving your toys in the water, but that’s not the case. You shouldn’t leave pool toys in your pool because the materials they’re made of decompose due to sunlight exposure and chlorine in the water. Over time, the items shed strips of plastic, which pollutes the water and can clog your filtration system.

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Organized correctly, toys add a new dimension to your pool, but there’s a caveat: modern toys might not blend in as well if you have an old pool. If you installed yours 10-20 years ago, consider replacing it with a brand-new pool. And don’t think you’ll need to do the work yourself because Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge are here for you.

How do you organize pool floats and toys

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