Top 7 Games to Play in Your Swimming Pool

What games can we play in a swimming pool

One of the smartest decisions you can make as a homeowner is to hire reliable Springfield, LA, inground swimming pool builders. Not only is a private pool a great addition to any property, it can also greatly increase the real estate value and appeal of your home.

However, that’s not the only way you can use your investment. Another great option is to set up a few fun games, and we’ll recommend some of the most enjoyable activities. In this entry, we’ll list the 7 best games you can play in your swimming pool – read on!

What games can we play in a swimming pool? 

There are countless ways to throw an unforgettable water party. For instance, after professionals install your unit, you get a cool place where you can have fun with your dogs. Here are a few games you can try to elevate the experience: 

1. Simon Says 

This classic is a great game, especially for your children. It lets them become stronger and more confident in water by polishing their technique. 

Best of all, the rules are simple. Provide simple instructions, like Simon says, stand on your feet or float on the back. If your kids follow up on your instructions when you don’t say Simon says, they lose.

2. Mirror

Practically everyone can play the mirror game. Here’s how it works: 

  • You and your partner stand opposite another couple as if you’re looking in your mirror. 
  • Swim sideways, dip underwater, make funny faces, and do other fun stuff. 
  • Mimic the other participants’ activities and take turns every few minutes. 

3. Racing

If you want to become a professional swimmer in your own backyard, this is a great game to get started. Race widths or lengths of your pool to have the time of your life. No equipment is necessary for this activity.

4. Balancing

This is another simple gay for some splashing fun:

  • Find a flat or tubular float for each participant.
  • Stand away from the edge of your pool and get on your float.
  • Outdo others by standing on your float longer.

5. Deep sea diving

Drop an object into the water and see how long it takes you and others to find it. Pennies, weights, and similar items work great here.

6. Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is about performing the same swimming routine as your partner. There are several options, including handstands and twirls. Teach your children how to do them, and the fun factor will go up a notch.

7. Marco Polo

Whether you’re in a group or pair, you can never get enough of Marco Polo:

  • One swimmer closes their eyes or wears a blindfold in the water. This player is “it.”
  • If “it” shouts Marco, others shout Polo.
  • “It” chases after other players, and the first person they catch becomes “it.”

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