Seniors & Swimming Pools: 5 Key Benefits

Is swimming better than walking for seniors

So you’re looking for a way to keep your parents or grandparents active. Everyday types of exercise such as treadmills and even stationary bikes aren’t a great option due to being higher impact exercises that can hurt their joints. You need something that’s lower impact and more fun that still engages their muscles.

That something is a swimming pool made by reliable Springfield, LA, inground swimming pool contractors. But what makes swimming pools so beneficial for senior citizens? You’ll find out right here – read on!

Is swimming better than walking for seniors? 

Swimming pools are perfect for playing fun games and many other activities. For instance, you can enjoy the water with your children or your furry friends for some unforgettable splash action. They’re also ideal for seniors, and some even consider swimming superior to walking. It’s no wonder why, considering that swimming offers the same (if not better) results with less stress on the joints.

Here’s a more detailed overview of why seniors should swim regularly: 

Burning tons of calories

Weight loss can be a struggle for many seniors. One of the best ways to speed up your calorie burning process is to swim. A 30-minute session can burn more than 200 calories, making it twice as effective as walking. Swimming can even outperform cycling and running in this respect. 

Protects the heart 

If you or your loved ones prioritize cardiovascular health, swimming is the answer. Just half an hour of swimming every week makes the heart less susceptible to a stroke. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and many other conditions. 

Improves well-being 

Seniors often feel lethargic, but it’s not because of their age. It has to do with inactivity. Again, half an hour of swimming a couple of times per week raises energy levels and metabolism. It can also alleviate depression, anxiety, stress levels, and sleep problems. 

It’s an effective full-body workout 

If you’re a senior, swimming is a great way to activate all your muscles. Regardless of the stroke you use, you need to use your arms, legs, and torso to propel yourself forward. That’s what makes it superior to walking and some other forms of exercise. 

For instance, half an hour of swimming is basically the same as 45-50 minutes of running. As a result, you can boost your strength, flexibility, and cardio this way.

Easier on the body 

You put your body under minimal stress if you swim. Water can support more than 80% of your weight, resulting in less pressure on your joints and muscles. This is critical for seniors, many of whom suffer from arthritis, previous injuries, and similar issues. 

How often should seniors swim? 

Most seniors can get away with about half an hour of swimming 3 times per week to reap the above benefits. This rate is also good enough for senior swimmers who wish to maintain their fitness levels. 

Conversely, you’ll need to work out 4-5 times every week for 30-45 minutes to improve your fitness. Make sure to combine swimming with other aquatic exercises, such as water jogging, water yoga, and squat jumps in shallow areas. 

Where can I find the leading Springfield, LA, inground swimming pool contractors?

How often should seniors swim

Overall, a swimming pool isn’t just designed for young Springfield citizens who want to set up a memorable party in their backyard. It’s also a match made in heaven for seniors who wish to improve their health and stay in shape. If you’d like to surprise your old folks with a stunning pool, Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge is just the right company for you. Using top-rated materials, we can construct an exciting yet 100% safe swimming pool for the entire family. Book the finest pool technicians near Carter Plantation and beyond. We won’t let you down!