Dogs vs Swimming Pools: All You Need to Know

Can I swim in a pool with my dog

You might be looking for reliable Springfield, LA, custom swimming pool builders. And it’s no surprise why, considering how much fun you can have once the construction is over. Besides having a great time with your family, you may also want to add your furry friends to the equation. Is this a safe decision, and if yes, what’s the best way to introduce your dog to the water

We’ll give you the answers right here. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you whether it’s a smart idea to play with your dog in your pool.

Can I swim in a pool with my dog? 

Like any other pet owner, you want to learn more about playing games with your furry friend in your pool after your memorable backyard party. You should first find out if there are any risks associated with this activity. 

The good news is that you can safely swim with your dog in most cases. Whether the water has minerals or chlorine, these substances shouldn’t harm your pooch. If you’re concerned about particular elements and their effects, consulting your vet is a great decision. 

But in general, swimming is perfectly fine for dogs. It lets them cool down and burn excess energy. It’s much more effective at this than jogging or walking. 

How do you introduce a dog into a swimming pool? 

Having dogs in your water is typically safe, but this doesn’t mean you should be reckless with your four-legged friends. This is because not every species is the same; some are better swimmers than others. 

For instance, golden retrievers have water-resistant fur and long legs, making them eager and capable swimmers. Dachshunds, Jack Russells, and other smaller breeds aren’t as good, which is why they paddle less effectively. Plus, their bottom end is often too heavy for them to remain horizontal, keeping them from staying in the correct swimming position. 

Thankfully, none of this is an insurmountable obstacle. The key lies in introducing your dog to the water appropriately:

Go first 

A great way to encourage your pups to swim is to enter your water first. In the meantime, they should be at the edge with a gradual shoreline. Swim a short distance (where your pet can reach the ground), call the pooch, and give them a toy or food. They’ll be less afraid to get inside.

Take baby steps

If you have a puppy, you want to go easy with them. Let them wet just their paws initially before going for a proper swim session. Keep the games relatively short and reward them for participating.

Monitor the temperature

Dogs, especially puppies, can have health problems in cold water. Therefore, make sure the temperature is appropriate before inviting them. If they start shivering, take them out immediately and visit a vet to stay on the safe side. 

Where in Springfield, LA, can I find reliable custom swimming pool builders?

How do you introduce a dog into a swimming pool

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