5 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

What are some common pool maintenance mistakes

Cleaning a swimming pool can be tricky and often requires professional help. While you may be a natural when it comes to this kind of work, it’s good to know the top 5 most common pool maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.  

However, a lot of people prefer to leave upkeep in the capable hands of a trustworthy pool company in Baton Rouge, LA. This article outlines the common mistakes that people make when they clean their pools. Let’s see what you should refrain from!

What are some common pool maintenance mistakes?

If you want to make maintenance easier and increase the lifespan of your swimming pool you should avoid doing the following:

1. Ignoring your pool’s chemistry

In order for chemicals in the pool to take full effect they need to be balanced. If the pH level gets above 8.0 it makes chlorine less active. This can cause the spread of pathogens. When chlorine is at 7.0 pH it is 73% active, whereas its efficiency plunges to 10% if pH is 8.5. 

One of the ways to prepare your pool for the winter is to test the levels of chemicals. That’s why it’s important to keep the pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 and check chlorine regularly.

2. Not cleaning the filter

If your filter isn’t clean, your pool may become infested with germs and algae. This can cause improper filtration or even damage the pump’s motor. As a result, one of the potential issues with your pool during winter may occur, that is, the water might get murky. When you wash the filters, soak them in a mild solution of muriatic acid. Rinse them in a few minutes and let them dry. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment.

3. Thinking that a strong chlorine smell indicates its excess 

If you feel an intense smell of chlorine that doesn’t mean that there’s too much chlorine in your pool. It’s actually the opposite. When contaminants in the pool are oxidized they create chloramines which give off chlorine smell. If you notice this add chlorine until it reaches the value between 3 and 5 ppm.

4. Removing algae with an automatic pool cleaner

One of the ways to make sure that your pool is healthy is to use the pool cleaner regularly. Although robotic pool cleaners are very efficient when it comes to killing microorganisms, automatic pool cleaners aren’t suitable for removing algae build-up.

A lot of automatic pool cleaners actually push debris and algae via a mesh net, but they don’t remove pollutants from the pool. The mesh bag can get clogged with gunk and algae, which causes goop to form around the pool.

5. Not cleaning after your pets use the pool

Some pets like dogs can introduce 3 times more contaminants than people. Leaving pet hair in the pool will mess up the level and balance of chemicals and clog the filters. That’s why you should treat your pool with water clarifiers after your furry friends get out of the pool.

The same goes for visitors. Pools get contaminated easily when a lot of people use them at the same time, which consequently causes algae growth. That’s why you should treat your pool regularly.

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