5 Potential Issues With Your Pool During Winter

What are some common issues with swimming pools in the winter

Winter is a very sensitive time for pool maintenance. As there can be some complications, you should be familiar with the potential problems that can arise with swimming pools during winter in order to recognize the red flags and prevent these issues. 

Since pool upkeep is very difficult during winter a lot of people in Baton Rouge rely on the assistance of professional swimming pool contractors. This article discusses 5 possible problems that pool owners may experience during winter. Let’s see what they are!

What are some common issues with swimming pools in the winter?

Harsh winter weather conditions combined with the lack of regular pool care can cause some issues, including these 5 common problems:

1. Murky water

Pool water can become green if there is algae build-up. If you want to prepare your pool for the winter you should put a hefty dose of chlorine in your swimming pool to kill the algae. After that you should vacuum the pool once the algae has settled. 

Another issue is cloudy water which indicates that your pool is exposed to dust, dirt, twigs and leaves. This means that your filter has too much to handle and that you should check if your skimmer and pump baskets are clear and that your pool pump and filter are working properly.    

2. pH level too high or too low

You should check the pH level of water regularly. Ideally, it should be between 7.2 and 7.6. A pH disbalance can cause numerous health problems and be detrimental to your skin. Proper balance is important for other chemicals too, so when you add algaecide or some other sanitizer make sure that the levels are enough to last through the off-season. That way you’ll make sure that your pool is healthy all the time.

3. Leaking

Cold weather makes the swimming pool lining, structure and surrounding tiles expand and contract, which creates cracks through which water can leak. Small weekly decrease in water levels, especially for uncovered pools, is perfectly normal because water evaporates even in winter.

However, if you notice a dip that is more than 1 or 2 inches, you should check if your pool is leaking as neglecting pool’s water level is one of common pool maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.

4. Cover disasters

Pool covers are very important because they preserve the quality of water during winter. They can be damaged because of age, general wear and tear, large debris or holes made by animals. As tears grow larger over time they allow more debris to pass through. If the cover fails and collapses into the pool, the pool opening process becomes more difficult and expensive. That’s why you should do regular check-ups and fix all holes and tears as soon as possible.

5. Low temperature casualties

If the temperature is too low water freezes and can expand by around 9%, which creates problems if it gets trapped in confined spaces like pipes, skimmers and pool equipment. That’s why you should make sure the skimmers and return lines are properly blown out and plugged when closing the pool. You can use non-toxic pool antifreeze for added protection.  

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