5 Tips to Keep Your Pool Germ-Free

How do I make sure my pool is healthy

Swimming pools are prone to accumulating bacteria and microorganisms. As they are filled with water they are fertile ground for algae growth. That’s why you should learn how to keep your pool germ-free

Since pool maintenance can be pretty demanding, it’s no wonder that so many residents of Baton Rouge turn to professional pool builder companies for help. This article offers practical advice on how to keep your pool sanitary. Read on!

How do I make sure my pool is healthy?

In order to ensure that your swimming pool is healthy and safe you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Monitor the level of chemicals

Ignoring your pool’s chemistry is one of the common pool maintenance mistakes that you should avoid. Chemicals are very important for the cleanliness of the water and if they aren’t balanced they can either jeopardize your health or damage the pool. 

For instance, if the level of chlorine is too high it can cause numerous health problems like skin or eye irritation and it can quickly fade the colors of the pool. More importantly, inadequate use of chlorine leads to the spread of germs.

2. Ensure proper pH level 

One of the common issues with swimming pools in winter is the pH level that is too high or too low. As pH determines how acidic or alkaline the water is, if the level of pH is too high you’ll feel like you’re swimming in bleach, whereas, if the level is too low, there’s too much acid in the water for safe swimming. That’s why you should ensure the optimal pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 to keep all the chemicals in balance.

3. Use the pool cleaner regularly

You should clean the bottom and the walls of the pool with a vacuum regularly. If you want to make sure that you have killed all bacteria and parasites, obtain a robotic pool cleaner to remove any lingering particles that are floating around. 

Better yet, you can install an in-floor pool cleaning system when you construct the pool to clear dirt and debris regularly. To prevent parasites from spreading, run the filter to cleanse the water and maintain the chemical levels.

4. Clean the pool with soapy water after emptying it

If you want to keep the germs away, you should clean the pool before refilling it. If you fail to do so, the water that you fill it with will be dirty. The best cleaning agent for this purpose is dish soap. Use the solution made from dish soap and water and scrub down the pool with a brush. Rinse any soapy water off with the hose and let it dry.

5. Use UV light systems

UV light is a great substitute for chemicals. UV sanitation is a great disinfection method that uses short wavelengths to destroy cysts, algae, viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Since one of the ways to prepare your pool for winter is to kill off algae, this may be the perfect solution if you want to reduce the amount of chemicals. One of the advantages of using UV light is that it’s suitable for hot and cold climates and requires minimal maintenance. 

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