How to Make Your Swimming Pool Pet-Safe

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Swimming pools are a wonderful amenity that every homeowner would like to have. They are a great place for spending quality time with your loved ones. However, when you construct the swimming pool, you should opt for a design that is safe for pets and other family members. 

Since pool construction is very complex, a lot of residents of Covington, LA, ask professionals for assistance with making custom swimming pools. This article lays out how you can make your swimming pool pet safe. Let’s learn the steps!

How do you pet-proof a pool?

If you want to make your swimming pool pet proof you need to follow a few simple steps:

How do you pet-proof a pool

1. Put a fence around your pool

Having a fence around a pool will increase safety both for your children and your pets. Even if your pet knows how to swim, you should never let it use the pool unsupervised. Even if your dog loves water and is a good swimmer, it can still drown because of panic, fatigue, or disorientation. You should always monitor your furry friend when it gets into or out of the pool. An additional benefit of having a fence is lower insurance rates.

2. Obtain a dog ladder

A dog ladder is an easy way for your pet to get out of the pool. Make sure to place the ladders at intervals around the pool so that your dog can always have the option to get out, as it probably won’t go all the way to the side that has stairs. The long and storied history of swimming pools teaches us that the oldest swimming pool in the world had terraced decks which were the equivalent of stairs, which are a good alternative for ladders.

3. Consider a safe pool liner

Although liners are a great way to beautify your swimming pool, they can pose a huge threat to your dog’s safety. For starters, they may make it more difficult for the dog to get into or out of the pool. On top of this, your beloved pet may rip the liner with its claws. Another key factor is the choice of material. Fiberglass pools are the best option as they can withstand scratches and your dog won’t damage them with its claws.

4. Rinse your dog off after being in the pool

Although chlorine is a great disinfectant it can harm your skin and your pet’s fur. One of the cool facts about swimming pools is that pool water is actually healthier than tap water as it contains less chlorine. Despite this, you should make sure to rinse off your dog after it gets out of the pool to mitigate the risk of skin irritation and fur damage. 

5. Install a faster pump

Which company in Covington  makes the best custom swimming pools

Most residential pools have slower turnover rates than public pools. A slow pump will turn all of the pool’s water once a day and get the job done if only you and your family use the pool. However, if your pets use it too, you should consider obtaining a faster pump that will make the water clean and sanitary. Oddly enough, a single dog introduces as many pollutants into a pool as three people would.

Which company in Covington, LA, makes the best custom swimming pools?

If you need a custom-made swimming pool that is safe for you and your family members, including pets, you can always turn to Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge. We design and install swimming pools that are easy on the eye and meet high safety standards. 

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