Top 5 Cool Facts About Swimming Pools

Top 5 Cool Facts About Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have existed for several millennia, but they became a commodity in the recent past. There are a lot of mind boggling facts about swimming pools that you would find surprising.

Experts who know these facts can help you build the pool of your dreams. That’s why so many people opt for professional swimming pool construction in Covington, LA. This article uncovers common truths about swimming pools that you’ll probably find interesting. Read on!

What are 5 interesting facts about swimming pools?

There are a lot of fascinating facts about swimming pools, so let’s learn some of them:

1. Origin

The long and storied history of swimming pools teaches us that the first swimming pool was built in today’s Pakistan around 5000 years ago. Unlike pools that are nowadays used only for recreation, this pool was used for ritual bathing. Swimming pools have evolved over centuries and their popularity started to increase in the late 19th century. They have become more accessible and widespread and lost some of their original roles.

2. Health

Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout because it strengthens both your heart and lungs. It burns 40% more calories than biking, 30% more calories than hiking and uses major muscle groups in the body. Swimming in saltwater can detoxify skin and promote new cell growth. It lowers stress and depression and reduces inflammation. It can also improve exercise-induced asthma.

3. Chlorine

Chlorine can kill resilient bacteria like E. coli in less than one minute. However, it takes longer to kill some illness-causing germs. Eradication of some viruses and parasites can last from 15 minutes to 10 days. Oddly enough, pool water can be safer than tap water as it has less chlorine. 

Similar to humans, chlorine can be harmful to dogs’ fur and skin. If you want to make the swimming pool safer for your pets, you should rinse off your dog after it gets out of the pool. 

4. Rare specimen

Titanic was the first major ship to have a pool. It was medium-sized and measured 10 by 20 feet. The only disadvantage was that it was filled with cold Atlantic water. The longest swimming pool is in Casablanca. It’s 480 meters long and 75 meters wide. The Fleishhacker Pool in San Francisco was the largest swimming pool in the USA, but it closed in 1971. The largest swimming pool in the world is in Chile and it has an area of 19.77 acres.

5. Incredible stats

An Olympic-sized pool can hold up to 850,000 gallons of water, which is enough water to fill more than 9,400 bathtubs. The most popular accessory to swimming pools is a diving board. Of course, this is just one of the ways to make your pool prettier. A very bizarre fact is that although so many people in the USA have a swimming pool, only 50% of Americans can swim. Approximately 95% of swimming pools use chlorine to keep the water sanitary.

What are 5 interesting facts about swimming pools

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