3 Types of Inground Pools: Pros and Cons

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Pools these days are made mostly of high-quality materials. These are reliable and designed to last several years. In Gonzales, LA, the swimming pool contractors pay extra attention to ensuring that the pool is professionally constructed and maintained.

Different types of pools require different upkeep. Here we’ll cover the 3 main types of inground pools and all you need to know about them. Read on!

What are the different types of inground pools?

What are the different types of inground pools?

Once the hole is excavated in your backyard, you can get one of these pool types:

  1. Fiberglass

A sleek and high-quality type of inground pool that makes every backyard look luxurious. 

  • Pros: The building process is relatively straightforward for this type since you order a premade version that gets installed into the hole. There are many sizes and models to choose from and then the crane positions it properly once it arrives. Models can have benches and steps built into the shell.
  • Cons: You can’t customize this type of pool once it’s installed. Changing the shape and size would require a new fiberglass shell to be made and it would be like making a new pool. It is also quite costly, as this is a high-quality material. While the slick design prevents algae from clinging to it, it starts to deteriorate after 15 years and it’s not easy to recoat it.
  1. Concrete

This is the most common type of inground pool. They are installed by framing the sides and the bottom of the excavated hole with a rebar. This type of material allows for the customization of the shape. Once they form the right shape and add the necessary features like steps or ramps, the workers spray a special type of concrete over the rebar, giving it a smooth finish.

  • Pros: This is a trusted method for making durable inground pools. It’s customizable and easy to maintain since it can be replastered whenever needed. There is no big difference between making a curved and a rectangular pool that is the same size.
  • Cons: The surface can be rough if not sanded properly because the concrete is porous. Also, installation is a long process that can be costly, depending on the size. It requires frequent maintenance to ensure that there are no cracks in the shell.
  1. Vinyl

The pool walls are made of steel, plastic, or aluminum frames. Heavy vinyl goes over them to create the shape of the pool shell. Walls are pre-made and installed into the excavated hole while the bottom is usually sand.

  • Pros: This type of pool is low maintenance and highly customizable. The vinyl liners are cost-effective when it comes to reparations and general upkeep. It makes the pool feel comfortable as it’s smooth and soft to the touch. The installation also doesn’t take too much time.
  • Cons: Algae can easily form in this pool type, so proper measures need to be taken for prevention and removal. Liners are prone to tears, so they have to be replaced once every 10 years. This replacement makes the vinyl pool more costly than the fiberglass one.

Aside from these 3 types, pools can also be lined with stone, pebble, tile, or other textures. These are uncommon but can look stylish and unique if properly designed. The maintenance is slightly higher due to the type of custom texture. The installation procedure is similar to the concrete one, so you can let your contractor know beforehand if you want a special type of lining for your pool.

3 Types of Inground Pools: Pros and Cons

Do you live in Gonzales, LA, and are looking for swimming pool contractors?

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