Pool Customizing 101

Can you customize a pool

Having a pool is great, but what happens when you want to change it up a bit? Do you dare to do it yourself or do you call local custom swimming pool designers in Gonzales, LA? The latter option is usually better, as you’ll get a tailored construction project handled by professionals.

You may have many doubts regarding the redesign of your pool area. First and foremost, you can feel uncertain if the pool will function properly after your revamp project. You could also wonder if the safety of the construction would be put at risk. Luckily, for your clarity about the whole process, here you’ll find a guide to pool customizing. Read on to learn more!

Can you customize a pool?

In short, any type of pool is customizable. The main aspects that you can consider changing are the shape, depth, and size. Another important aspect that you can customize is the type of material your pool is made of, for example:

  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Dunk
  • Shipping container

All of these can be remodeled, but consulting an expert beforehand is advisable.

What does every swimming pool need

How do you customize an inground pool?

If all the features in the pool are functioning properly, changing the shape or dimensions of it shouldn’t affect them. Here’s how you can customize your pool:

Changing depth

When you’re making the pool deeper or shallower, the workers need to remove the bottom layer. They’ll fill up or dig to the desired depth and place a new bottom. Before further changes are made to the pool, all the water needs to be drained.


Many people worry that the area around the pool will look undesirable when they change its shape and size. Shrinking the pool requires removing certain pool walls and filling up the gap to make it smaller. Builders use dirt if your backyard has grass, so you’ll be able to restore the greenness of your pool area in no time.


When you’re making the pool larger, you should keep in mind that there’s going to be a lot of dirt. If you hire professionals, they should properly dispose of the waste material. Every time you customize a pool wall, you need to remove the old layer of concrete and pour a new one. The experts will know which concrete to use so that there can be no leaks.

Changing color

Even when you’re happy with the shape and depth of your pool, you could still want to change its appearance. In most cases, simply repainting it makes a huge difference. While blue is the standard color for most pools, white is one of the most versatile options. Some homeowners install recessed RGB pool lights that allow them to change the hue as they like, and it looks best with white pool walls. 


While the pool itself requires a lot of work for redesigning, you shouldn’t forget about the decking. Changing the area around the pool not only makes it attractive but also safer. Most modern homes tend to use wooden decking. However, although it looks good, it doesn’t last long. 

Switching to brick, paving, or flagstone ensures that there will be no mold forming in the cracks. Moreover, when it’s warm and sunny outside, these materials become warm too. You’ll be safe to sit and walk barefoot on the decking in the evening without worrying you’ll be cold.

Where can I find custom swimming pool designers in Gonzales, LA

Where can I find custom swimming pool designers in Gonzales, LA?

You probably have some creative ideas now that you’ve read about all the ways you can customize your pool. Now the only thing left to do is to call Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge! Our team builds and redesigns pools in line with your unique taste, needs, and requirements. If you have a very special concept in mind, we’ll give you our expert opinion on it and propose adjustments if needed.Whether you need pool design, remodeling, servicing, or construction, we have you covered. Everything you need to obtain is a building permit. Take a relaxing day off and visit The Houmas House Plantation and Gardens and let us take care of your project. Contact us today!