The Ins & Outs of Creating a Spa in Your Own Home

Are swims spas worth it?

You’ll hardly find a better way to soothe your senses than to take a dip in a spa of your own. And yes, you can hire a versatile Covington, LA, swimming pool builder to install spas of different shapes and sizes. Once the work is over, you’ll have your go-to oasis whenever you want to lift your spirits and get some well-earned rest.

But like with any other investment, you shouldn’t rush headfirst into the project. You need to take many different factors into making the most of your home spa, and this article will help you do just that. Read on for the 3 key considerations of installing a spa in your house. 

What things do you need to consider before choosing a spa?

What things do you need to consider before choosing a spa?

Contrary to popular belief, adding a spa isn’t the same as installing a modern, high-quality swimming pool. That’s why you shouldn’t install yours on the spur of the moment. Instead, use the following 3 considerations as your guide:

1. Type of spa 

The first thing you need to consider is the type of spa you want to install. Here are the three main kinds and their advantages: 

  • Above-ground spa: As the name suggests, above-ground spas are installed above the ground, making them easier to install than their in-ground counterparts. They’re also highly portable and compatible with all sorts of fun features, including jets, cup holders, stereo systems, and LED lighting. 
  • In-ground spas: In-ground spas are harder to install than above-ground spas, but they’re usually tailor-made according to your preferences. As such, they can come in practically any color and feature a myriad of materials, like tile, concrete, and stone. You can even install them flush with your deck or expose them for a majestic sunken effect. 
  • Swim spas: Featuring powerful jets, swim spas create mighty streams of water for extra resistance, allowing you to get an effective workout each and every time. Additionally, they have high-quality insulation, so you can keep using yours all year long. 

2. Size 

Size is just as important as the type of your spa. After all, you can’t install a spa that doesn’t fit your house or requires large-scale renovations. The good news is that there are nearly endless options when it comes to dimensions. If you want to keep it basic, you can opt for a minute 2-person spa. By contrast, some installation companies offer 8-person spas, enabling the entire family to relax and work out. 

3. Warranty 

The last thing you want is to install a spa without a warranty. In case one of the features malfunctions, a lack of warranty means you’ll need to fix the damage yourself. That’s why you should always ask your contractor if they provide a warranty. If so, it should protect your spa against manufacturer defects and faulty installation for at least a year.

Are swims spas worth it?

Absolutely. Swim spas are worth it due to their unique design that allows you to wind down and exercise without straining your knees and ankles. Moreover, you can customize them by adding a whole host of features, such as ultra-powerful jets, colorful lighting, and benches. 

Where in Covington, LA, can I find a reliable swimming pool builder?

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