How to Pick the Perfect Pool Lighting

What are the lighting requirements for a swimming pool

Your backyard in Covington, LA, may look a bit empty, so you’ve decided to enhance the area by booking the services of top-rated swimming pool contractors. But before they start the work, you’ll need to describe the desired pool. Besides the size, shape, and type of pool, you’ll also need to choose the right lighting, and this article will help you make the right pick.

Keep reading for our detailed guide on how to select swimming pool lights. We’ll tell you how much illumination your pool needs and recommend the best options that will take the elegance of the pool to a whole new level. 

What is the best lighting for a swimming pool

What are the lighting requirements for a swimming pool?

In most cases, the light level of 300 lux is enough for standard, non-competition swimming pools. Other than power, you should also consider the construction quality of your bulbs. Since they’re installed in a wet environment, they should be at least IP54-rated for moisture protection. 

What is the best lighting for a swimming pool?

Lighting should be one of your main priorities when installing any kind of pool, including a standard pool and swim spa, which is a smaller yet just as convenient alternative to traditional swimming pools. If you nail this part, the value of your pool will skyrocket, and you’ll add a unique flair to your property. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the best options for your swimming pool:

1. LED lights 

LED pool lights give you the best of both worlds: longevity and energy efficiency. They can easily last for 10-15 years with proper maintenance, eliminating the need to replace them every couple of months.

Another great thing about these is their design. When shopping for your LEDs, you’ll find a wide range of stunning options that will brighten up the place nicely, allowing you to throw iconic pool parties. The only downsides of LED lights is that they’re dimmer than some other alternatives and have a higher upfront cost.

2. Halogen lights 

LED lights might have a problem with brightness, but that’s not the case with halogens. They’re the brightest of the bunch, making them perfect for nighttime swimming. Not only that, but they’re also much cheaper than LEDs, which is why they’re the most popular budget-friendly pick. However, keep in mind that halogen bulbs have a shorter lifespan than LEDs. 

3. Fiber Optic 

The biggest problem associated with most kinds of pool lights is replacing them. Whenever you want to change a traditional bulb, you often need to drain the water. That’s where fiber optic lights come into play. Featuring a power source that sits away from the water, fiberoptic systems allow you to change lights much faster. 

That said, fiber optic lights are weaker than LEDs due to the greater distance between the housing and the water.

Where in Covington, LA, can you find blue-ribbon swimming pool contractors? 

Choosing the right light is one of the most important factors when designing your pool. Once you decide on the perfect product and consider all the other elements, like picking the most amazing tile, it’s time to get in touch with Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge. 

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