5 Top Trends in Swimming Pool Design & Construction

What is the most popular pool color

Wondering how to truly boost the appeal of your property in 2022? Your backyard is equally important as the condition of your residence. Many homeowners consider building a stylish pool area, which has so many advantages. However, it’s a bold and considerable investment, and cutting corners isn’t really an option.

Before you check your local swimming pool contractors in Springfield, LA, let’s take a look at some of the most practical, modern, and value-adding options. Read on!

When you’re about to choose the ideal interior coating color, you should consider the following aspects: your backyard/patio theme, surrounding landscaping, average water temperature, and reflection. 


Blue is an all-time classic, and most popular choice for private and public pools. Depending on the hue and shade, a blue coating gives the water a serene, clear look. For example, sky-blue is a safe choice due its high reflexivity. Aquamarine or dark blue can pass well if you want a achieve a more profound visual impact. 


When you want your home to feel like a beach resort, you may pick gray. Your pool will have a seawater look. Besides this interesting advantage, it’s also practical: it will appear clean for a longer time, as the dust and debris won’t be too conspicuous. 


When you live in a warmer region, you’d like the temperature levels of your pool to be balanced. White is a great choice for the coating, as it’s affordable, and if applied properly, it can look elegant. Besides, it can pass great with a marble pathway, so you can truly cool down during a long, hot summer. 


If you want the water in your pool to be nice and warm throughout the year, black should be one of your preferred options. Besides, with the right design of the tile, grout, and decor, it can appear very classy. 

Is a round or rectangle pool better

Is a round or rectangle pool better?

The answer to this question depends on three factors: 

  • The size of your backyard
  • The overall layout of your property 
  • Some special features that you’d like to include. 

Most homeowners pick the rectangular shape. Although it’s not the most creative option, it provides maximum swimming space. If you’re seeking practicality, this is the choice for you.

Curved and kidney-shaped pools, on the other hand, were a huge hit in the 80s. Although they’re not trendy at the moment, with the right design, they might feel just right when combined with a smaller backyard. 

Also, if you want to have enough space for diving, you can pick a rectangular L-shaped pool, with defined areas for shallow and deep water. 

What are some trendy additions to your swimming pool? 

Besides the pool size, shape, and coating color, you can consider adding some special features. For your pool to add lasting value to your property, make sure these features have clean lines and sleek design. Here are some fashionable options you can pick from:

  1. Waterfalls. Increase the visual appeal and make your pool sound like a natural body of water with this trendy feature. It can make your relaxation time even more enjoyable.
  2. Lighting. Installing stylish light fixtures in and around your pool gives you the advantage of night time swimming. You can aslo set the mood however you want and illuminate structural elements.
  3. Seating. This could involve lounge chairs, underwater benches, or a complete lounge area on the surface of your pool.  
  4. Hot tub. Adding a tub right next to your pool is a wonderful opportunity to have a seamless transition between workout and relaxation.
  5. Water slides. This is a fun and attractive feature that can be equally entertaining for children and adults. Of course, make sure that it’s safe and that you pick the design that passes well with your pool.
Where can I find versatile swimming pool contractors in Springfield, LA

Where can I find versatile swimming pool contractors in Springfield, LA? 

Whether you’re located near Ponchatoula Creek or anywhere else around Springfield, and neighboring communities, look no further. Here at Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge, we have you covered! 

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