5 Essential Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

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If you’re like most Americans, getting your own pool is probably high on your wishlist. Chances are, you’re also worried that you wouldn’t use your new pool enough to justify the investment, or that it may not be worth it if you decide to sell your home.

Don’t be! Almost nothing in life is certain, but the one thing we can basically guarantee is that you’ll never regret hiring inground pool contractors to enhance your property in Springfield, LA, with a modern pool. The reality is that swimming pools bring many amazing perks that no other home feature can provide. We’ll be discussing these benefits in the following article. Read on!

What are the benefits of having a swimming pool?

In addition to increasing the curb appeal of your home, a pool can actually improve your and your family’s life in the long run. Don’t believe us? Consider these 5 perks of owning your very own swimming pool:

1. Family time

Kids love swimming pools, and can easily spend the whole day playing in and around them. This naturally transforms the pool into a hub where the entire family can gather and spend time together on any given day. To say that this is a great way to build unbreakable bonds and create cherished memories would be an understatement.

What are the benefits of having a swimming pool

2. Outdoor gatherings

Kids aren’t the only ones who adore swimming pools: they’re quite popular with adults and teenagers as well! This makes them the ideal spot for barbeques, birthdays, parties, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations.

Even if you and your guests don’t plan to swim in the pool, it can still serve as a lovely and relaxing backdrop, especially if you’ve enhanced it with modern pool features such as fountains, underwater lights, and more.

3. Staycations

With everything that’s happening in the world during the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that more and more Americans are opting to spend their vacations at home. And what better place to have a great “staycation” than by the side of your very own swimming pool?

4. It’s great for your health

Spending time in a swimming pool is great for respiratory health, helps control allergy symptoms, and provides much-needed relaxation. What’s more, pool exercises are an excellent, low-impact way to stay in shape and increase lung capacity regardless of your age.

For example, one popular pool exercise is called “dolphin”. You can do it by going to the deeper end of the pool and standing on the floor so that your chin is just above the water line. Grab the edge of the pool with your left hand (your arm should be extended out straight), and extend your right arm out in front of you, keeping it under the water surface. Then, while keeping your legs together, lift them up and start moving them in a kicking motion, similar to that of a dolphin’s tail.

5. Return on investment

The average ROI of a swimming pool depends on its location and condition. However, with outdoor living being all the rage these days, many home buyers include a swimming pool on their wishlists. Properties with pools are therefore much more likely to attract the right kind of buyer, especially if the pool has been remodeled recently.

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Where can I find experienced inground pool contractors in Springfield, LA?

Relief Pool Builders is a reputable company that specializes in building, repairing, maintaining, and remodeling custom spas and swimming pools. Founded by two lifelong friends, we’re devoted to improving the lives of our clients by providing them with the lovely and functional swimming pools they’ve always wanted.

Our team of certified, bonded, and insured technicians operates throughout Springfield and the nearby communities, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!