5 Swimming Pool Problems to Look Out For

What is an example of a common pool problem

Once trustworthy custom pool designers & builders in Denham Springs, LA, complete your project, your property value skyrockets. You get a brand-new unit to enjoy and stay fit in the summer. It seems like nothing can spoil the fun, but unfortunately, the reality isn’t quite like that. 

Even the most well-made structures are prone to certain issues that need to be resolved promptly.

What is an example of a common pool problem?

Robust as your unit may be, it’s not immune to the most common problems that affect these structures. Here’s what you should know about each: 

1. Algae 

Units that are in good condition are either blue or clear. If the water is green and musky, it probably has to do with algae infestation. 

This problem typically occurs in environments with low chlorine levels. Adding chlorine helps prevent further growth, but don’t do it before consulting a professional. They can tell you exactly how much the level needs to be raised. 

2. Excessive chlorine 

Feeding your unit with chlorine can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it does a great job of staving off algae, but excessive amounts are harmful too. 

There are many ways to tell if your water is saturated with chlorine. For instance, eye irritation after swimming is a tell-tale sign of this issue. Again, contact a reliable technician to determine the ideal level for your water. 

3. Mold 

Just like it’s a nuisance in your house, mold in the water can be a major problem. Such an environment becomes a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

If you’re dealing with mold, reach out to professionals for a quick solution. They can clean the unit from top to bottom and restore it to its former glory.

4. Clogged filter

The filter is the lifeline of your unit, as it purifies water and improves circulation. However, it can’t do its job if it’s clogged. Leaves, bugs, and dirt can wreak havoc on the system and render the filter ineffective.

Therefore, if there’s an abnormal amount of debris, the issue may lie in the filter. You should be able to clear it on your own. To avoid this problem in the future, remove debris as soon as you notice it to keep the device in good shape.

5. Circulation problems 

Filter clogs aren’t the only cause of poor circulation. A fuse may have blown, or there might be other electrical problems responsible for this. Likewise, the suction system may have developed a hole or two, keeping the water from circulating altogether. Reach out to dependable repair providers to fix the issue and prevent further damage.

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Knowing the problems that can affect your unit is a must, but what’s the next step? You now need to find a way to pre-empt those problems. The key lies in installing a model in line with state requirements and using advanced techniques.

Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge are here to provide just that. Get in touch with us, and we’ll design & construct a top-quality pool using all our skills and robust materials. Once we’re done, you’ll get a unit that’s less prone to the above issues. 

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