Water Mold & Swimming Pools: Part II

How do I get rid of mold in my pool?

You finally got your brand-new pool installed by experienced Denham Springs, LA, custom pool contractors. It seems like nothing can spoil the fun and keep you from taking a dip on a hot summer day. 

However, you’ve found strange white strands floating throughout the water. It’s a tell-tale sign you’re dealing with mold. If you want to return your unit to its former condition, you need to remove mold from the water. We’ll show you how to do so. 

How do I get rid of mold in my pool?

Mold isn’t the only problem you may have with your water. There could also be algae caused by a poor filtration system that invites many harmful microbes. But even if mold is the sole culprit, you need to clean the water to preserve the amazing look of your unit and avoid the health risks associated with the fungus.

The following tips will point you in the right direction:

Scour the filter 

Mold doesn’t just linger in water. It spreads to other parts of your structure, including the filter. This device also helps keep the environment clean, and if there’s mold in the water, it probably means the machine is malfunctioning. To remove any clogs, hose down the filter from top to bottom. For stubborn mold remnants, you may need to employ a specialized filter cleaner.

Give it a shock therapy 

Certain chemicals help you achieve optimal pH balance, but since there’s mold in the water, regular amounts won’t do the trick. You’ll need a value that kills the white substance, which is usually 3-4 pounds of calcium hypochlorite for every 10,000 gallons. If you’re not sure how much water there is in your unit, consult your installers.

Brush your unit & run your pump 

Drain your pool and use a stiff brush to scrub the walls and bottom. Get rid of as much mold as possible to keep them from circulating once you fill it up. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas, as these are notorious for attracting mold:

  • Behind ladders 
  • Return jets 
  • Skimmer 

Another good idea is to run your pump for at least 24 hours. This way, you’ll help remove a large amount (or all) of the mold and direct it to your filter. Therefore, let the system take its time, so it can return the water to its previous condition.

Vacuum your pool 

Modern solutions come with state-of-the-art vacuums to help keep your unit in great shape. They’re superior to automatic cleaners because they have greater suction power, allowing them to deal with mold without a hitch. 

To use your vacuum correctly, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, you’ll need to set the device to waste (sending the water through the waste line and not through your filter). If you empty too much water, you can always top up with your hose. 

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If your filtration system, pump, and other elements are on their last legs, there’s a better way to deal with your mold troubles. Installing a new pool in your Denham Springs backyard is your best option. By mounting a new structure, you get ultra-clean water that lets you freshen up after your visit to the Old Louisiana State Capitol.That’s especially true if you partner with Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge. Thanks to our top-rated materials and efficient filtration solutions, we ensure your pool looks and works great from day one. You’ll finally be able to say goodbye to moldy water and relax in a pristine environment. Contact us today for a detailed quote!