Keeping Your Kids Safe in an Inground Pool

Where in Denham Springs can I find reliable swimming pool builders?

We all know how excited the kids get around the pool, and their safety is always a priority. In Denham Springs, reputable swimming pool builders take the necessary steps to ensure your pool is a comfortable and safe space for relaxation.

Leaving your children near the pool unattended is a recipe for disaster, and here you’ll learn how you can make your swimming area safe for everyone. When you know your kids aren’t in danger, you can enjoy watching them play. Keep reading to learn more.

How do you safely proof a pool?

The important thing to remember when child-proofing your pool is to also pay attention to the area around it. If your pool is easily accessible, the chances of accidents are higher. Here’s what you can do:

  • Install a tall fence

The fence should be at least 4 feet tall and shouldn’t have wide gaps in it. Put it around your pool and the yard surrounding it. Most children won’t be able to access it this way without your help. Once your child is old enough to know their way around the pool, you can remove the fence. Don’t worry about your pool not looking fancy, as your child’s safety is more important.

  • Invest in a motorized pool cover

Most regular pool covers are unreliable, as they can be left open for a while and that’s already a big risk. Contact a local supply store and order a rigid cover that doesn’t collect water on top of it. Among other things that go wrong when building a pool, if you install a cheap cover, it doesn’t keep small animals from getting in, but a motorized one does.

  • Get an alarm system for the outdoors

Not only will this investment be great for when your child wanders into the backyard, but it will also prevent intruders from breaking into your home. Having a pool is a major responsibility, so these steps are necessary. Make sure the alarm has a chime sound, so you can easily hear it across your entire property.

How do you safely proof a pool?

How do you keep kids safe in an inground pool?

Once you’ve safety-proofed the area around your pool, it’s still not recommended to leave your children unattended when they’re playing in it. Even when they have floaties, if the water level is too low, they’ll have trouble exiting it. 

While swimming is healthy for various reasons, you should always be within arm’s reach of your child, in case they become tired and can’t swim anymore. It’s also important that you’re a good swimmer, know CPR, and have rescue equipment handy.

Check your drainage system and contact pool maintenance services for a yearly checkup. This will prevent accidents involving your family members and belongings falling into the drain because of poor installation. 

When your child is in a pool, make them wear a swimming cap, goggles, and other equipment that will help them to clearly see what’s going on. Teach them about the dangers of drains to keep them away from there. Don’t keep any toys or bright-colored items inside your pool when it’s not in use, as a child could be drawn to it and slip into the pool.

How do you keep kids safe in an inground pool?

Where in Denham Springs can I find reliable swimming pool builders?

If you’ve decided that your pool needs child-proofing, give a call to Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge! We can install all of the necessary accessories to make sure your kids enjoy playing and swimming around it. We have extensive experience with all other types of improvement, maintenance, and construction projects, so you can have your mind at ease. There’s no need to try pulling it off in a DIY manner, when you have our experts in your corner. Go and have a relaxing visit to the LSU Hilltop Arboretum and let us take care of your pool. Contact us today and we’ll set up an on-site consultation right away!