All You Need to Know About the Water Level in Your Inground Pool

Where in Denham Springs, LA can I find expert pool builders?

During a rainy season, pools tend to overflow unless they’re properly covered. In Denham Springs, LA, experienced pool builders know everything about the dangers concerning pools so they always make sure to construct the safest swimming pool every time.

Once you get your pool installed, you should ask the professionals about all of the specifics when it comes to maintaining it in the best condition. Here we’ll talk about the water level and things you can do to prevent it from fluctuating.

How high should the water level be in an inground pool?

The answer to this question depends on the position of your skimmer box opening. The box is usually placed near the top of the pool, and it serves as a filter for the water it sucks up. If you look at the water level around it, it should be at least one-third up the box and one-half at most.

One of the common pool building mistakes is placing the skimmer box lower on the pool wall. Following the rule mentioned above, the water should be nearly half of the box, and if the box is too low, you’ll automatically have less water in your pool.

Tweaking your water level settings is never a bad thing, as you can add more water if it’s necessary, and drain the excess. 

How out of level can an inground pool be?

Newer models of pools can be unevenly made on purpose, to make them look stylish and modern. However, there is a rule in swimming pool building permits regarding the level of the construction. If it’s uneven by 2 ½ inches, it doesn’t pose a safety hazard. Any larger differences in levels should be fixed as soon as possible.

The damage that the water weight can do in an uneven pool usually concerns:

  • Twisting and collapsing of the pool walls
  • Faster tearing of the inground liners
  • Uneven water level around the skimmer box

All of these are health hazards, as the unstable walls can lead to actual accidents and damage the rest of the pool area. When the liners tear, there can be mold developing in the cracks, and you are probably aware of the dangers it bears. The skimmer box will not work properly if there is too little or too much water around it. Not to mention that a pool like this is not safe for children at all.

What happens if the pool water level is too low?

If the water level is too high, the worst thing that can happen is that debris and leaves will be floating around your pool, because the skimmer box can’t suck them into the filter. However, low level can cause even more serious issues.

When the skimmer box doesn’t have enough water to draw into the filter, it will start drawing air, and that creates a fire hazard. The motor of the box will start to overheat, you’ll notice sparks and smoke coming out of the skimmer. Eventually, it can burst into flames unless it’s turned off immediately.

Replacing the pump and the skimmer box costs almost as much as the new pool, so you shouldn’t take chances. If you notice your water level is dropping, it’s completely normal, as the water evaporates in the heat and swimming pushes it out of the pool. The important thing to do is to always refill the water up to half of the skimmer box.

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