5 Tips for Pool Maintenance in Summer

Where can I find renowned swimming pool contractors in Brusly, LA

Swimming pools can be a great addition to every home. However, building a perfect pool and taking care of it can be a formidable task. You need to choose the right location, size, and shape and get everything ready for the summer.

That is why the increasing number of people turn to expert swimming pool contractors in Brusly, LA for assistance. After you have built the pool of your dreams you need to keep it in an immaculate shape. This article outlines the method of easy and efficient regular pool maintenance in summer. Let’s go through some simple steps!  

How do I take care of my pool in the summer?

After you have thoroughly prepared your swimming pool for summer, you need to provide regular upkeep as well. This way, you’ll postpone costly repairs and ensure the longevity of your structure. Here are some useful tips.

  1. Thorough clean-up

If this summer is the first time that you use your swimming pool after building it, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly first and provide ongoing maintenance. Make sure to vacuum the pool first to collect all the dirt, leaves, and hair. If you want to prevent hair from clogging your pool filter, you should wear a swim cap. It will also protect your hair from chlorine and you won’t have to wash it every time you use the pool. It is advisable to use a pool sanitizer as a safety measure to keep the pathogens and parasites away. 

  1. Clean the water filters

A clean pool filter is a prerequisite for good water circulation and sanitary conditions. If it is dirty or clogged, the water will become murky and you will be exposed to various infections. Regardless of which type of filter you have, you should spray the filter with a hose once a week. 

  1. Maintain the water level

A steady water level is important for keeping the chemicals in balance and preserving the optimal pH value in the range from 7.2 to 7.8. If the level of water fluctuates, the ratio between the chemicals will change and upset the balance.

  1. Monitor the chlorine

The chlorine level shouldn’t be too high or too low. If the level of chlorine is too high, it can cause skin irritation and allergies. Low levels of chlorine won’t kill all the germs and bacteria and can lead to various infections. You can use a chlorine monitor to keep track of residual chlorine and detect pH and temperature.

  1. Make a cleaning schedule

The best way to make your pool tiles look fresh and the whole system functional is to create a cleaning schedule. It will help you keep track of all the activities that you have taken and organize the upkeep. It’s advisable to rinse the filter once a week and do a thorough cleaning twice a month.  

How do I take care of my pool in the summer

Where can I find renowned swimming pool contractors in Brusly, LA?

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