5 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Which Brusly, LA swimming pool contractors should I opt for?

A quality backyard pool is a place where the whole family gathers on a hot summer day. Since people can spend hours swimming and sunbathing here, building a practical and safe swimming pool is important.

It comes as no surprise that a lot of people in Brusly use the outstanding services of swimming pool contractors. This blog deals with the safety measures that you should take to eliminate the health and hazard risks. Here are some useful tips!  

How can you make your pool safe for use in the summer?

While there are some security precautions that you should consider when the time comes to build your pool, there are numerous ways to ensure extra protection. Read on to learn the basic measures.

  1. Regular upkeep

The first thing that you need to do is prepare your swimming pool for hot and humid summer days. However, regular maintenance is equally important for achieving maximum comfort and safety. You should vacuum the pool once a week to remove the debris and rinse the filter with a hose to ensure proper circulation and an optimal level of water. Pool cleansing and disinfection are crucial for the prevention of infections and keeping the water fresh and sanitary at all times.

  1. Check the level of chemicals

Monitoring the level of chemicals is an essential step in looking after the swimming pool and consequently the health of all of its users. If you want to provide the optimal pH range you should use a combination of chlorine, sodium bisulfite, sulfuric acid, carbon dioxide, and sodium carbonate. These chemicals will also prevent the formation of algae. 

It’s advisable to use UV light to degrade the compounds in sweat that can create an unpleasant smell when they react with chlorine.

  1. Separate the pool area from the house or yard

You should put a four-sided isolation fence around the pool to prevent children from entering the pool unsupervised. Put lockable safety covers on the pool to make it child-proof and ward off the water pollution from leaves and dirt. Plastic covers are preferable as glass can break and poses a potential threat. 

  1. Secure, lock or remove the steps/ladder

This additional safety measure should be taken to keep the children away from the pool. It is highly recommendable to install door alarms. Make sure to put the alarm out of children’s reach. On top of that you can use anti-entrapment drain covers to protect both children and adults from the suction of the water circulation system.

  1. Learn CPR

Since accidents may happen despite the maximum level of security, learning how to perform CPR is useful and in some cases necessary. It is one of the key safety tips and a skill that you might need to use on some other occasion, too.

How can you make your pool safe for use in the summer

Which Brusly, LA swimming pool contractors should I opt for?

Choosing the right design and location for your pool are as important as ensuring the maximum level of protection. Rest assured that Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge can cater to all your needs. Our customized design will ensure meeting all safety standards and make your swimming area your most valuable amenity. We also give estimates free of charge, so you’ll know exactly how much you need to invest in this life-changing enterprise. 

Use the opportunity to explore Brusly with your loved ones while our vetted pros build a pool that will without doubt become your home oasis and favorite meeting place. Don’t hesitate to do something good for yourself and your family. Give us a call today and we will turn your ideas into reality!