How to Choose an Easy-Maintenance Pool

What kind of swimming pool is the easiest to maintain?

A lot of people tend to consider only the initial costs when they choose the design of their swimming pool. Although this is a very important step, you shouldn’t neglect the factor of upkeep. Therefore, you should choose a swimming pool that requires low maintenance

Since it’s hard to predict these additional costs in advance, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people turn to custom pool builders in Port Allen, LA for help with estimates and planning. This article outlines the upkeep requirements for different kinds of pools.

What kind of swimming pool is the easiest to maintain?

What kind of swimming pool is the easiest to maintain?

This depends on the type of material that is used to build the pool. The choice of construction material also determines the shape of the pool because of its limitations. Let’s have a look at the upkeep requirements for different kinds of pools. 

  1.  Concrete swimming pool

When it comes to initial costs and maintenance, concrete pools are the most expensive. Here’s what you’ll have to do to keep this pool in great condition:

  • Acid washing: They require acid washing in order to remove mineral deposits and surface stains from the bottom and the sides of the pool.
  • Refinishing: Since a thin layer of the interior surface is removed during the acid washing, this calls for the occasional replacement of the top layer called refinishing.
  • Steel brushing: This is required at least once a week to remove the accumulated material and professional cleaning needs to be done at least once a year.
  • Chemical monitoring: This type of pool has two circulations that filters need to carry out, which makes upkeep more complex and you need the equipment for monitoring chemicals.

Although concrete pools are sturdy, high maintenance is the drawback of using this type of pool.    

  1. Vinyl pool

While being very cost-effective when it comes to the initial price, vinyl pools require substantial upkeep which increases subsequent costs. Here’s what will need your special attention during the maintenance of this pool:

  • The liner: This important part of the pool is prone to tearing and leaking and it needs to be replaced from time to time.
  • The chemicals: Monitoring the levels of chlorine and other chemicals is important for maintaining water quality and preventing damage to the liner.
  • The filter: It needs to circulate water at least once a day and some parts of the pool might not have enough circulation which can lead to algae growth. 

Although vinyl is a great material for the construction of inground pools and cheaper than concrete, the fact that it’s not so resilient and that it requires occasional repair should be taken into account when calculating the costs.

  1. Fiberglass pool

This type of pool requires less upkeep than its counterparts, making it a great choice for homeowners who don’t want to bother with endless pool-related chores. To maintain this pool, you need to take care of a few basic tasks:

  • Check the pH levels: The first step is to ensure that the pH level of the water is balanced. This can be done by testing the water with a kit and adding chemicals as needed. 
  • Clean the filter: The filter should be checked and cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure that it’s working properly.
  • Brush away the dirt: It’s also important to brush the sides and bottom of the pool on a regular basis to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

The fiberglass pool isn’t prone to algae growth and the material used for making it is highly durable which means that it doesn’t need to be resurfaced unlike other types of pool. 

Which custom pool builders in Port Allen, LA should I opt for?

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