Top Tips for Choosing the Swimming Pool Shape

What shape is the best for a swimming pool?

When you decide to build a swimming pool you need to consider several factors. In most cases, the choice of a pool shape is determined by the properties of the terrain for construction, the material, and the costs.

Finding the shape that fits your yard perfectly and that is cost-effective is a very complex task, which is why a lot of people rely on custom pool builders in Port Allen, LA for assistance. This article provides insight into the characteristics of common pool shapes.  

What shape is the best for a swimming pool?

How deep should a swimming pool be?

Choosing the right shape is especially important for building an inground swimming pool. While there isn’t a universal solution for all homeowners, there are some shapes that are more practical than others. 

  1. Kidney-shape 

This type of pool consists of a curved form with an indention on one side. It can be made from concrete or vinyl and it’s perfect for homes that have yards of an irregular shape. The choice of construction material can affect the price and the upkeep. Vinyl pools are cheaper and easier to maintain than concrete ones, but they are also less durable.    

  1. Split-level 

If your yard is uneven or has a slope, you can divide the sloping plot into two terraces connected with steps. This will give your home a breathtaking waterfall feature and enable the most rational use of space. A two-tiered pool is perfect for large families as it can be divided into separate zones.

  1. Rectangular

This shape provides great benefits for an indoor swimming pool. Its classical form allows a wide range of construction materials, which in turn affects the costs and maintenance. This type of pool is perfect for swimming laps and other types of water exercise. It’s more costly than a curved pool because of its increased perimeter footage. 

  1. L-shape

This type of pool has a small extension of the main section that is used as a shallow end. It provides a lot of flexibility as its deep section can be used for diving and swimming and the shallow part is perfect for play activities. There is also a spot to locate the entry steps off to the side and not obstruct the swim path.

How deep should a swimming pool be?

This depends on the type of the pool and on your and your family’s needs. You also need to adhere to the structural pool requirements for your state. The minimum depth of a pool is three feet, which is suitable for both children and adults. The maximum depth of a pool is five feet for safety reasons. However, if you want to have a diving area it should be at least ten feet deep. 

When deciding on the depth of the pool you should take into consideration the initial construction costs, water consumption, and upkeep. Deep pools require more water and more cleaning which can be very pricey. If you have an indoor pool this will also increase your electricity bill.

Which custom pool builders in Port Allen, LA are dependable?

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