Swimming Pool Meditation: All You Need to Know

Swimming Pool Meditation All You Need to Know

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities for your body. Once professionals complete your high-quality custom pool construction in Gonzales, LA, you can work out all summer long and stay fit. 

However, vigorous exercises aren’t the only thing you can do in your pool. Meditation is just as, if not more, beneficial than traditional swimming activities. But how exactly do you meditate in a pool? The upcoming guide to meditation in swimming pools will tell you just that! Read on!

What is water meditation called? 

Swimming in your backyard is one of the best decisions you can make health-wise. That’s especially true if you boost your pool with advanced technology or add various features to enhance your pool-based exercise.

The same goes for meditation. It helps you cope with everyday stress more easily, but is there a specific term for this activity? Yes, experts generally refer to it as kirtan kriya. The name screams mysticism, and that’s precisely what it’s all about. The goal is to help you establish a powerful bond with water, which can improve your physical and mental well-being.

How do you meditate in a pool?

You might want to take a dip and start experiencing the soothing effect of meditation, but don’t rush headfirst into the water. The only way to reap the benefits of the activity is to do it properly. And keep in mind that there are different types of water meditation, all of which require special techniques.

Here’s a rundown of those methods and how to execute them correctly:

Seated meditation

The easiest form of water meditation is seated meditation. You shouldn’t have trouble getting it right:

  • Sit on pool steps or a training ledge.
  • Start breathing the way you normally would during a meditation session. Inhale through the nose for about three seconds, hold your breath for two seconds, and exhale for four seconds through your mouth.
  • Practice poses to expel stress and put your mind at ease.

Floating meditation 

Buoyancy is one of the most amazing effects of water. You can use it to your advantage when meditating:

  • Get in the water.
  • Relax, tilt your head back, and bring your arms and legs to the surface.
  • Allow the water to cover your ears, which helps you distance yourself from the world around you.
  • Focus on the floating sensation and close your eyes. 
  • Slowly inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Swimming meditation 

Swimming is another way to meditate. Once you immerse yourself, you become one with the water, tuning out the surroundings. A proper routine looks something like this:

  • Start swimming.
  • Take deep breaths and slow strokes while focusing on the rhythm. 
  • Count each stroke and breath to banish stressful thoughts from your head. 

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What is water meditation called

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