Choosing the Right Pool, Pt. 1: Shape & Size

What size swimming pool is best

When reaching out to a trusted swimming pool builder in Prairieville, LA, one of the first questions they’ll ask you is: what shape and size do you want? Both factors are essential because they determine how the end result will turn out. If you get them right, you’ll have an aesthetic pool that will be the crown jewel of your property.

Coming up is an in-depth guide on how to choose the proper size and shape of your swimming pool. We’ll tell you how to make this crucial decision to ensure your pool looks amazing. Read on!

What size swimming pool is best?

Before you select a stunning color and high-quality material for your pool, you first need to pick the right dimensions. So, what is the best size? 

To answer this, you need to consider the following elements: 

Size of your family 

The number of people using the pool is the most important consideration. The higher the number, the larger the pool needs to be to maximize comfort and give everyone enough room to swim and play. 

In general, if you’re a family of up to 4, a 14×25-foot pool should suffice. Conversely, families of 6-8 are better off with a 16×32 pool, whereas families with more than 8 people should consider an 18×36 pool. 


Large pools are more convenient, but they’re also more expensive to maintain. Go for a smaller pool if you’re on a budget. 

Size of the yard 

Your pool should occupy about 25% of your yard. Anything less than that, and the pool will be engulfed by the surrounding area. At the same time, if the pool is significantly larger, you may not have enough room for landscaping, pathways, and other important elements. 

What is the best shape pool to get?

It’s hard to say what shape is the best because everyone has different expectations from their pools. Here are the factors that should influence your decision:

  • Purpose: If you primarily need the pool for swimming, a rectangle pool is a great pick. By contrast, oval pools are perfect for lounging around and relaxing.
  • Aesthetics: Roman pools are ideal if you prioritize looks. Featuring arched semi-circles and long straight edges, they exude otherworldly elegance.
  • Maximizing available space: If you have a large yard, an L-shaped pool can be an excellent choice. You can easily swim laps, relax, and hold outdoor celebrations since these pools are usually larger than others. Plus, they work great with modern landscaping designs.

Whatever shape you select, don’t forget to take care of it properly by brushing the shell, removing debris, and balancing chemicals. This allows you to keep the water clean, which helps emphasize the majestic shape.

Looking for a first-class swimming pool builder in Prairieville, LA? 

Picking the right shape and size is key, but finding a reliable pool contractor in Prairieville is even more important. After all, you want to work with someone with a proven track record of meeting people’s expectations. That someone is Relief Pool Builders of Baton Rouge.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. We specialize in all kinds of pools, from tiny rectangle ones to huge oval pools, so whatever you have in mind, we’ll make it happen.

Plus, we have the skills and tools to improve it with various safety features (e.g., fences and alarms) and make your pool even more enjoyable. Contact us today after your fishing trip to the Amite River. We’ll give you a detailed quote and install the swimming pool you’ve dreamed of!