The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Indoor Swimming Pool 

What are the pros and cons of having an indoor swimming pool

For the majority of people, an indoor pool used to be a luxury in the past. Luckily, the situation has changed and proud owners nowadays need to weigh out all the pros and cons of having an indoor pool

When you decide to include this amenity in your home, you want it to reach its full potential. That’s why a lot of people opt for professional swimming pool builders in Port Allen, LA to assist them in this demanding task. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of having an indoor pool which should make the choice of the design easier for you. Read on to find out more! 

What are the pros and cons of having an indoor swimming pool?

The strengths of an indoor pool certainly outnumber the weaknesses. However, you should take all the positive and negative aspects into account before you build a swimming pool.

  1. Advantages

Let’s first take a look at the pros of having a swimming area under your roof: 

  • All year use

The fact that you can swim every day of the year, regardless of the climate, is a big plus, especially for people who can’t get much sun. Even if you live in a place with a warm climate, rain and wind won’t cause any inconvenience with an indoor pool.

  • Less upkeep

When you have a pool inside your home you don’t need to worry about leaves or pesky insects. A leaves-free pool also means that you are protected from algae growth and you don’t need to use chemicals extensively. This doesn’t just make maintenance easier, but it’s also beneficial for your skin and health in general. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Protection from sunburn

With this type of amenity, you don’t need to watch out when you sunbathe, put on layers of sunblock to protect yourself or constantly look for shade. Plus, since you don’t have to use sunscreen there will be no slick built-up on the surface, which means you’ll spend less time on cleaning. 

  • Safety and privacy

The potential trespassers will feel discouraged when they see an obstacle that is greater than a fence and you can have better control of your pool if it’s inside your house. If you want to escape the privy eyes of your neighbors or you’re simply not in the mood to chat with them every time you decide to go for a swim, this kind of pool guarantees complete privacy.  

  1. Disadvantages

There are also some potential issues and challenges to keep in mind when considering this project: 

  • Humidity

Water vapor from a swimming pool affects the moisture in the air, which is less of a problem when it’s outside. You’d probably need to use special equipment to control the humidity levels.

  • Higher initial cost

The construction of an indoor pool is more costly than an outdoor pool of the same size. When deciding on the shape and depth of the pool, you may be limited with the space that it can fit. 

  • The cost of heating

Water in the outside pool will get warmed by the sun, whereas an indoor pool needs a higher investment that increases the energy cost.   

How much does it cost to build an indoor pool house?

This depends on the material of your choosing, but there are some other accessories and equipment that are required for an indoor pool. These include an automatic cover, a device for controlling moisture, and a water heater. Since heating costs can be high, you can consider installing a solar panel on your roof and using a solar water heater that will both reduce the expenses and protect the environment.  

How much does it cost to build an indoor pool house

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