5 Stages of Building a Swimming Pool

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When you decide to build a premium swimming pool, there are various stages that need to be completed. From planning the project to applying finishing touches, the process gets more and more complicated. That is why it’s best to hire one of the reputable swimming pool builders from Prairieville, LA and ensure your backyard pool in Prairieville, LA is top-quality.

Keep in mind that the time it takes to complete these steps varies depending on whether you have help from professionals or not. Let’s explore what each step entails and how long it takes!

What are the stages of building a pool?

There are five stages of building a pool: 

  1. Designing the Project

There’s much you should know before you start building a pool and the first step is designing it. This process involves drawing up blueprints, choosing materials and other factors that will determine the cost of your project. Also, think carefully and choose where to install your pool. The architect and contractor can help you and provide estimates on how long this phase takes.

  1. Excavation 

The second stage involves digging up a part or all of your yard to create room for the swimming pool. This can take several weeks, depending on how much excavation is needed and what type of ground you have (soft soil vs. hard rock). 

Backfilling comes after excavation. Backfilling builds a stable base around the edge of the excavated site so water doesn’t run toward people’s homes or buildings during heavy rains. After backfilling it’s time for grading drainage channels leading away from any low spots where water might collect.

  1. Construction

The third stage is the construction of a concrete foundation, which will sit at or just below ground level and support both your pool liner and its structural elements. This can take several weeks to complete depending on how large the pool will be. 

Your inground pool requires nearby utilities, such as underground power lines, gas mains or water pipes. Contractors will be able to hook up the utilities after excavation is finished.

  1. Installing shell

The fourth stage depends on what type of pool construction you have: either vinyl liner or gunite (concrete). Installing a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shell means inflating, positioning and securing your new pool liner inside its frame with air blowers. 

Shell installation can take several days depending on how large your backyard swimming area is going to be.

  1. Finalizing construction

The final stage is the installation of pool equipment, as well as performing any final landscaping and finishing touches. The final touches usually include a patio area around the pool with some chairs for lounging near the water on a warm summer day. This can take from one to four weeks. 

How many months does it take to build a pool?

It generally takes from four weeks up to two or three months depending on how large your backyard swimming area will be and what materials were used. 

How do I find a professional swimming pool builder in Prairieville, LA?

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